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Christmas in Yosemite


Tis' the season for in-boxes filled with Christmas promotions. Black Friday has given way to Pre-Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, and on, and on. Every one of these promotions compels you to act immediately or miss out, adding more stress to an already frenzied time of year. 

At Cedar Lodge we look at the Christmas season a little differently. For us, the season is not about shopping and frantic event filled days, it's about making time to spend with family and friends. We'll take trimming a tree while sipping hot cocoa over even the most extraordinary sale. 
We have a tradition here beloved by our guests and employees alike. We transform our conference room to a Winter Wonderland filled with beautifully decorated Christmas Trees. We have a Freedom Tree, modeled after the one we had in our lobby at the end of the Korean War, a Teddy Bear Tree paying homage to our local wildlife, a Cowboy Tree befitting our Gold Country history, and many more.  
The Christmas Trees are on display for you to admire, and if you feel inclined, you and yours can grab a table in our ornament workshop and make ornaments of your own. Each year there is a new tree for guests to display their creations on, or you can always take them home to yours. While you're there, enjoy Hot Cocoa and Cookies, because all this creativity makes one hungry.     
So if you're ready to slow things down this holiday season, come see the wonder of Yosemite as fall gives way to winter. See the beauty and the majesty of the park at an unhurried pace and then come back and spend a quiet evening with our trees remembering times past and creating fond new memories. 
There you have it.  No hard sell, no once in a lifetime claims and no pressure.  If you can make the time, we would love to have you visit us this holiday season. As is the case every year, our Winter Wonderland is complimentary to all who visit.
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